Melanie Roger Gallery
Parlour Projects

The Human Texture, Artnews Article by Sue Gardiner

Fit Out for Olivia Spencer Bower, Ilam Press Article by Melanie Oliver

Fitts on Spencer Bower, Review by Warren Feeney, EyeContact, 2015

Victor & Hester Collaborative project with Amelia Bywater, since 2009

Fitts & Holderness On-going collaborative project with Julia Holderness, since 2002

Perpetual Contact
Continuing a project that began in 2015, Victor & Hester have developed the online platform (with web designer Sean Burn), that uses an audio layering of Abby Cunnane’s text The Astrophysical (2016) and a series of still and moving images to accrue and feedback discursive moments and contents.

Dreams of Machines Site made for Victor & Hester exhibition VH-16-22-7-12-3-22-5 Dreams of Machines, Transmission, Glasgow

What (Was) Is Happening Site made from Creative Lab Residency with Amelia Bywater at the Centre of Contemporary Art, Glasgow, UK