In Section, Elevation and Perspective, Fitts uses the history of a wall hanging made by Judy Patience in 1978 for the Wellington Court of Appeal and its subsequent loss to inform this new work. The large architectural work of Patience went missing when the Court of Appeal interior was refurbished in the 1990s.

Referencing the Court of Appeal’s floor plans, as well as the composition of Patience’s work, Fitts’ exhibition attempts to build an awareness of the work of textile artists while contributing to the wider conversation around contemporary interests in tactility and fiber art.

Court of Appeal,  Wool, Linen and Silk, 2017

Court of Appeal 3, Wool, Linen and Silk

Court of Appeal 2, Wool, Linen and Silk, 2017

Court of Appeal 5, Wool, Silk and Linen

Court of Appeal 4, Wool, Linen and Silk, 2017

Wallhanging 2, Dyed Wool, 2017

Wallhanging 1, Dyed Wool, 2017

Wallhanging 4, Dyed Wool, 2017

Wallhanging 3, Dyed Wool, 2017