Messaging (13 - 26 July) Victor & Hester, 126 Galway, Ireland

MESSAGING | Initially we wanted to describe a process of felting – rubbing wool together – to talk about constraints in material; a rubbed together fabric that is meshed, has resistance, friction, is unformed. Rubbing fingers together reminded us of a sexual politics, and gender politics, and its relationships to labour, to touch, spaces and time of value. Through language, describing a process like this, we thought it might allow other intensities to arise, different moments of intimacy, different annotations or ways of participating that might move out from the text. It might become possible, by tracing out a flow of diffusion, to find a way to articulate the politics of this movement.

Proximity. Texts we sent each other across email and google docs; the original whole could become kind of 'perforated' way beyond the extent of a regular hyper-linked piece, and in an active way; extending across our separate but connected spaces and times. (“you” are not here, “you” are eternally belated to the conversation with you that I am imagining. LB)

Audio including samples of Bernadette Mayer, Catherine Wagner, Marilyn Waring, -Unknown, Victor & Hester, writings by Abby Cunnane and Emma Balkind

Images by Victor & Hester

As part of the Galway International Arts Festival 2015, 126 Artist-Run Gallery Galway and Transmission Gallery Glasgow, present MESSAGING | Primary Resource #3.