Homeshow is part of an ongoing series of projects relating to the artist Louise Palmer’s home at 90 Canon St, Christchurch. This group exhibition in the house, a recent earthquake rebuild, presents the home as a structure and support for displaying and viewing art. Works address the domestic context of the home and set up relationships between artworks that relate to personal spaces, sites and architecture.

Curated by Louise Palmer, artists included: Paul Cullen (NZ), Benedict Drew (Whitstable, UK), Emma Fitts (Christchurch), David Haines (Blue Mountains, Aus), Joyce Hinterding (Blue Mountains, Aus), Robert Hood (Christchurch), Annie Mackenzie (Wellington), David Marshall (Wellington), Tim Middleton (Christchurch) , Miranda Parkes (Christchurch), Louise Palmer (Christchurch), Christina Read (Auckland), Rebecca Richards (Christchurch) and Erica van Zon (Wellington). Catalogue text by Sophie Bannan (Sydney, Aus).

Homeshow, Installation Image, 2017

Unknown Cloak, Dyed Wool, 2017